Windy City Shuffle

Log 3. Zarrow Miss

After the excitement in the Zone, the crew spends the next week gradually coming down from the orchestral high of the string of scores well done. Money isn't bad, but it evaporates just as quickly as they have come in. So it's with eagerness that Wey-wey picks up Kasih's ring at the week's end.

"You've got a favour to do for me." She crackles in.

Wey-wey notes the curious way she phrases it, and there's a second too long of silence. Kasih picks that up too. Ever perceptive. 

"What I mean, is that you are going to to do me a favour. But it's not really doing me a favour, so much as you recognizing that it's all good business all around. So in effect, you are doing yourself a favour, and i'm just helping you get there. Ultimately i'm doing you a favour. Capsice?"

Ever eloquent. 

Kasih has a friend who's wanting to break into the industrious world of fixers. For a breed that builds itself on reputation and reputation only, the cost of entry is steep, if not unaffordable for most. This is where the immutable leverage of connections come in. Aristotle with his stick and wod leverage moved the world, but he neglected to note how bigger of a world the wispy and entirely immaterial connections can move in the social contracts of sentient beings. 

Kasih drops the name, Syd, and the favour talk is over. 

Soon, another call comes through, and it's a gruffy sounding man with the high-tension of a man excited, eager, and almost as if he's doing his first sales call. 

"Heeey, i hear you are the one to get me vaulted over to the otherside of the shadows, is that so?"

"Sure, so i've heard. What can we do for you? Our mutual person talked about there being a favour involved."

"Of course, we can talk about that later. Why don't you all join me tonight ringside. We've got some great names on the card, lots of excitement… lots of biz. if you know what i mean." Wey-wey hears the man wink.

So it's decided that the crew will be making a road trip back into the Zone. After a small bustle, they get back on their bikes and zip through the familiar interstate. Wey-wey takes his Growler, and Seiren hitches a ride on Kord's. Balzac, is missing. Somewhere across the city, busying himself with a side-biz that came down the wire, three days ago. Wey-wey imagines it wouldn't be making more money than theirs, but ever since their first foray into the Zone, Balzac's astral signature has been fluctuating till three days ago, when he received a call and walked out with his gear, mumbling something about a potentially extended absence. Wey-wey looks up from his VR game and promises to keep his teapot boiling.

The crew rolls down the interstate like thunder in the dark. Kord drives with lights off, and it's the scariest things to growl down that road in the past 12 hours. Equally, dangerously, 



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